Case Management, Data Management, and Document Management Solutions

BlueVault LLC offers a powerful suite of secure, reliable, and scalable case management, data management, and document management solutions for law firms, corporations, and other organizations with high-volume caseloads and document repositories.

BlueVault Toxic Tort Case Study
Read the BlueVault Toxic Tort Case Study to learn how BlueVault helped a national toxic tort law firm streamline their case management efforts.

Solutions that Connect Geographically-Dispersed Teams

BlueVault LLC offers real-time, private cloud-based solutions that efficiently link geographically dispersed teams and enable them to manage and share key information and documents.

World-Class Security and Reliability

BlueVault engineers understand the importance of data protection, data availability, and data integrity and designed BlueVault with clients’ needs in mind. All data is simultaneously written to multiple drives instantly, is backed up daily, and is stored in multiple secure locations.

Clear, Powerful, and Battle-Tested Solutions

BlueVault LLC provides executives, managers, team leaders, and front-line personnel with proven, battle-tested solutions—without having to dismantle their in-house workflows and processes. BlueVault LLC products allow immediate access to data-driven evaluations, permitting organizations to make rapid, fact-based decisions.

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