Connecting Large-Scale, Geographically-Dispersed Teams

BlueVault LLC offers real-time, private cloud-based solutions that efficiently link large-scale, geographically dispersed teams and enable them to manage and share key information and documents.

Created by lawyers dedicated to helping companies manage their risk exposure while streamlining litigation support processes, BlueVault LLC is uniquely positioned as a technology company that has the technical, financial, business operations, and legal expertise to meet the real-world needs of today’s fast-based businesses.

Serving Diverse Industries

BlueVault LLC offers powerful, reliable, and secure case management, data management, and document management solutions for all types of organizations, including:


law firms


large corporations


government entities


insurance companies

BlueVault Company Overview



Necessity is the mother of invention, so respected litigators Jim Maron and Wayne Marvel established BlueVault LLC in response to a Fortune 100 client’s mass tort litigation. As national coordinating counsel for the global client, Maron and Marvel faced all of the challenges associated with managing thousands of claims, including plaintiffs spread across multiple states, information locked within proprietary systems of regional and local counsel, mountains of paperwork, and the ever-increasing rigors of compliance and regulatory reporting.


Not finding a suitable case management, data management, and document management solution on the market, Maron and Marvel decided to spearhead the building of a truly cloud-based technology platform that would not only satisfy the needs of law firms but would also address the needs of large-scale teams in other industries and environments. Using some of the best programming, infrastructure, and user experience talent available, they developed a powerful, scalable, enterprise-class suite of solutions thatenables distributed team members to connect, communicate, and collaboratesecurely and cost-effectively.


BlueVault LLC provides executives, managers, and team leaders with proven,battle-tested solutions—without having to dismantle their in-house workflows and processes. BlueVault LLC products allow immediate access to data-driven evaluations, permitting organizations tomake rapid, fact-based decisions.

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