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All too often, the data about your litigation is:


Case and claim data are stored in various locations – multiple in-house repositories in varying formats and with outside counsel.


Protocols for what information is recorded and how is inconsistent across practice areas and business partners.


You don’t have the ability to view your case and claim data in one place, across all matters, across all outside counsel.


The amount of time it takes to manage your litigation is enormous.  


Constant requests for status updates, time spent compiling those updates into a litigation wide overview, along with maintaining spreadsheet after spreadsheet in order to have any semblance of control over the big picture.

Worst of all, messy data is the greatest barrier to adopting artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Using the BlueVault platform, you will:

Improve communication

Gain access to the status of any legal matter at any time, significantly reducing the need for status updates.

Reduce overall legal spend

Eliminate costs related to redundant and menial tasks.

Manage Company Risk

With a docket-wide view of your litigation, you can recognize and respond to emerging threats quickly.


All the data about your cases, claims, and overall litigation strategy is available at your fingertips to achieve more predictable outcomes. Set goals at the start of litigation, then compare outcomes to those goals to evaluate outside counsel, replicate successes, and avoid past mistakes.

Open the door to docket-wide reports about your litigation - settlements, verdicts, jurisdictional trends – and prepare for the promise of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Unify your team

BlueVault is a complete cloud-based solution that enables geographically dispersed in-house counsel, coordinating counsel, and local counsel to access, share, update, and report on sensitive claims-related data.

All you and your business partners need to connect to BlueVault is an internet connection and a web-browser.

NO hardware installations, NO licenses to manage, NO security patch management overhead.

BlueVault manages all of that for you so you can focus on managing your litigation.

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