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About BlueVault

As national coordinating counsel handling mass tort litigation for a Fortune 100 company, BlueVault’s founders faced all of the challenges that come with managing thousands of claims.  They needed a solution and, not finding anything ready-made on the market, decided to build a technology platform from the ground up. BlueVault offers a proven, battle-tested product that is easily adapted to in-house workflow and processes.


Today BlueVault is staffed by seasoned technology veterans, but its DNA came from two lawyers dedicated to improving the legal process and helping companies manage their exposure to risk.

Proudly based in Wilmington Delaware, BlueVault has served defense counsel with litigation of various sizes since 2002.

We're your partner

Founded 2002 to assist with asbestos claims for a large client, BlueVault has adapted to support many different types of litigation (and even a few large-scale custom integrations). That client still relies on BlueVault today.

If we’ve learned anything in the past 20 years, it’s that no two companies or litigation challenges are alike. BlueVault is eager to share our experiences for success, but we recognize that you have your own strategy, and we are eager to adapt our platform to your needs as we have for everyone else.

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Unify your team

BlueVault is a complete cloud-based solution that enables geographically dispersed in-house counsel, coordinating counsel, and local counsel to access, share, update, and report on sensitive claims-related data.

All you and your business partners need to connect to BlueVault is an internet connection and a web-browser.

NO hardware installations, NO licenses to manage, NO security patch management overhead.

BlueVault manages all of that for you so you can focus on managing your litigation.

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