Litigation Management with BlueVault®

Exhaustive Case Data at Your Fingertips 

Once a case is created, and a defendant and plaintiff assigned to that case, you or your outside counsel can begin to populate an extensive list of organized data points about your litigation.


Track correspondence, trial dates, procedural history, costs, attorney notes, witness data and depositions, and more to the level you require to manage your litigation.  


Don't know where to start?  BlueVault has fifteen years of experience working with customers on complex litigation and can assist you on what data points you may want to track and why.

Robust Case & Plaintiff Search

Distinct case and plaintiff records provide the opportunity for robust searching capabilities, not only by name or jurisdiction, but also by status, counsel, claim type, and other data points.

Want to find your case or plaintiff quickly?  Quick Find is always available in the header for easy access.

About Those Documents

Of course, documents are vital to managing any case.  The system checks each document uploaded for a full-text index and if it doesn't find one, we attempt to OCR the document to make each fully searchable.

The Document Search feature provides you the ability to search for documents not only by the document contents, but by associated metadata, including the case or plaintiff the document was uploaded to.

Managing Experts and Corporate Witnesses

No matter the type of litigation, management of experts is vital to successfully managing your case.  The BlueVault Expert and Witness module assists you in linking documents to witnesses across cases, tracking his or her contact information, and even provides the ability for counsel to comment on experiences with those witnesses and experts. 

System Overview

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