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Documents displayed may be documents associated with this expert or corporate witness via a case, or a document uploaded directly to the expert for future reference - for example, a CV or articles published by the expert. 

Expert Documents

All of Your Experts, All in One Place

With BlueVault, all of your experts and corporate witnesses are entered in one central, searchable database.  

Search for experts by name, who they testify for, and expertise.

Litigation Management with BlueVault®

Managing Experts and Corporate Witnesses: In Depth

The Expert Detail record describes basic contact information and preferences for the Expert, along with his or her areas of expertise, documents associated with the expert or corporate witnesses, attorney evaluations, and hire history - linking the Expert or Corporate witness to a case or plaintiff in the system.

Expert Detail

Provide your counsel the opportunity to record experiences with this expert or corporate witness.  Armed with the data stored within the expert module, you and your legal team will be able to develop the best strategy involving experts and corporate witnesses.

Expert Evaluations

Provides a link to every case in the system that references this expert or corporate witness.

Expert Hire History

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